Saturday, October 15, 2011

Penelope Pineapple - custom Blythe cameo by Mab Graves

just love her hair

Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers - original cameo by Mab Graves

the colors are soooo pretty.

Wicked - original cameo by Mab Graves

i love how she paints the witches

Piper and the Wolf-love

Piper and the Wolf-love by mab graves
Piper and the Wolf-love, a photo by mab graves on Flickr.

love little red riding hood one of my fav fairytales ...but my favourite is bambi

Bubblegum Blythe - original cameo by Mab Graves

just lovely.

Alice and the Shower of Cards - original cameo by Mab Graves

mab graves is my favourite etsy jewelry sellet.
I love her artwork

Retro kitsch cats

Retro kitsch cats by Female Trouble 3
Retro kitsch cats, a photo by Female Trouble 3 on Flickr.

such a sweet collection


Been busy by violetpie
Been busy, a photo by violetpie on Flickr.

these bunnys remind me of mark ryden

Peony and her little wintry friend

violetpi makes the cutest plush ever

Lolita Doodle

Lolita Doodle by Some Artist
Lolita Doodle, a photo by Some Artist on Flickr.

cute art I love gothic lolita's and bunka dolls